Curator (Loren Naji) Statement about Photos on Wood work shown in Loren Naji's Gallery:

Kristopher J. Petrenko makes rich toned works that have the allure and feel of vintage antiques and old photographs. He does this by staining old wood and applying the medium of photography into this luscious surface.

Now to move past the visually stunning images he makes, we can discover where it really gets interesting! The fact that the wood comes from the sites he photographed adds a fetish value to the piece itself. The idea of using the technical medium of photography in conjunction with old school craft wood staining and finishing adds an edge to these works that makes them interesting as hell! His images of grimy Cleveland done on a grimy surface tie all this together with layers of meaning and intrigue!.. WOW!

Pre-made and custom photography on wood from Cleveland based artist.
All wood is re-purposed from the Cleveland Area. Please contact for pricing.

All customs welcome!!!

Great for:

- Gifts
- Home Decor
- Restaurant Decor
- Bar/Lounge Decor
- Re-Imagined Family Heirloom Photos

Kristopher Petrenko creates works that utilize a variety of subject matters, which include still life, cityscapes, nature and industrial photography taken from Cleveland and its surrounding areas.  All images are tied into an idea of transforming repurposed materials (in his case wood), and all images are transferred by the artist to found wood from the location that the photo was taken.  Petrenko takes these materials that are cast off/unused and then paints over them using with different layers of natural colored stain. Working this way converts the natural to industrial and vice versa, while paying respect to the industrial rust-belt where he was born.  Petrenko’s work has been added to a variety of private collections as well as being displayed in galleries/shows.

​Winner 2015

Best Artist

all work created by: PETRENKOARTS